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Teen Bible Class

 Leader: Jim Henkel, Joe Starrett
Youth Lounge

The youth meet every Sunday in the upstairs Fellowship Hall (the Youth Lounge).  They talk about relationships, and letting God help us through study of the Bible to keep building good relationships with parents, other Christians, unchurched people, people who ridicule us, and others as well.  Let's unite to do something God-pleasing, teenagers, to study and grow in our knowledge of God's Word.  The third Sunday of the month is Sunday-funday.  This is a day for us to unwind while still discussing Biblical topics.  We might play disc golf, pool, dart ball or other games.

They also have one event a month outside of church.  What a great way to build relationships with each other too!  We hope you will join us.  Contact the church office if you have questions about our Youth.