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Comments from Parents
  • You and Mrs. Becker have done an excellent job.  You are commended for your devotion and attention you've paid to each child.  I feel you know each one very well and this is a big job with many children in three classes.  The curriculum is presented in a creative, integrated and interesting way for the children.  Thanks again!
  • Your school - teachers - program - MADE him ready for K-5.  Thank you again.
  • Lots of great ideas.  Always new choices and experiences.
  • Excellent program with a great balance between academics, social skills and religion lessons!  Thank you for a great year and all your hard work!
  • The star of the day and poster made him feel very special and you always took time to address each child individually in the morning.  That was great!  The preschool more than exceeded our expectations.  Thanks for a great year!
  • I thought learning centers were extremely valuable and he really enjoyed them. 
  • What a great experience this year!  I have told all of my friends about how fantastic the school is.  Mrs. Marggraf and Mrs. Becker are invaluable!  I will definitely recommend this school to others.  You should be very proud of your pre-school.  I can't say enough about it!
  • The best thing about preschool is the gaining of knowledge about Jesus and how important it is to have him in our lives and the building of being a friend.
  • No need to change anything, you do a great job!
  • I feel both teachers put forth 110% in order to develop plans and activities to meet each child's needs.  It was also wonderful to have it be Christian based as well.  We've seen our child learn more about God, talk about Him and ask questions.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the school program - but more importantly the guidance and love you gave to each child!  We were extremely impressed with the preschool program and the academic and Christian education activities were very creative and enjoyed.  You are a wonderful teacher!
  • Amazing teachers who pay close attention to every child!
  • One thing I would change about Preschool..."nothing".